07 December 2011

ACCEL High Out Coil Direct Replacement #11076

Just got these replacement coil from ACCEL

Claimed 20% higher output over stock. It is relatively cheap (US$45 including shipping to Singapore) and its a good time to replace my internal coil.

If you looking for serious upgrade to the ignition system, go for MSD full ignition system instead ($$$).  My intention to keep the stock look and it was claimed that the stock ignition system is good for 600hp ;p.

Comparison between the stock coil and the ACCEL coil

See my post on Distributor Cap and Rotor Swap on how to remove the distributor cap and rotor.

Disconnect the battery first. Then unscrew the two contact points and followed by the two screw on top.
 Just remove the coil and replace the new coil accordingly.  Just reverse the steps and it is done!



  1. Hey, after installing do you feel any improvement in pickup? May I know which online dealer you buy from. Cos you got a good price.


  2. Got it on ebay. Dont feel much different after the change though, but it is a cheap replacement.

  3. Thanks! Quite a few in some forums did say feel much different too.

  4. I have a h22 high compression high fuel motor an i could tell a big difference