22 December 2011

EG6 Front Lip

My OEM lip suffered some kerb rash due my lousy judgement during U-Turn.  So it had to come off for some repair and respray.

Looks naked without the lip
Mugen Style lip

I have a Mugen Style Lip which I got sometime ago.  It is supposedly made of PU (PolyUrethane) which is really bendable and can go back to the original shape just by heating in the sun.

Anyway, decided to fix it up for the time being till I repair the OEM lip.


  1. If you are going to revert to the oem lip after spray, do let me know if you are interested in letting go of this lip. will take it off your hands hehe. looks good!

    - Jaspal

  2. Sorry mate, always good to have a standby.
    Cost me quite a bit to import ;p