26 December 2011

Updated Shots


  1. i see u still have a the gap at the corners for the mugen lip

    i was told that to fit this lip u need to thin out those areas to make the lip bend better.

    that gap is the reason i decided NOT to get it though i do quite like it (coz this lip is originally for the EK, EG Mugen lip looks a lil like the spoon ones)

    oh... and why is the rear so high??

  2. Actually, there is no gap :). The corner area is kind of like step out. It actually fits perfectly.

    Spoon design is something like the original lip with 2 vents whereas the MU design has the lower "jagged" out part.

    As for the rear wheel, I running koni struts with stock spring and almost +15 offset ;p (Sold off the BC coilovers I had, old man like me cant take the stiffness of coilovers)