28 December 2011

Lower Ball Joint - Energy Suspension Dust Boot

Update: Apparently there are mixed reviews on the dust boots. I will give a final feedback after some use on the car ;p 

I had the Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex System Complete Master Set, passed to me from the previous owner :). Some of the bushing were not installed, including the Front Ball Joint Boot Set (pt no. 16.13101). Since I had to replace my ball joint, I decided to installed the Boot Set before installing the lower Ball Joint as the original dust boot tends to wear off easily..

The part no. I got was 51220-SM4-013 and came with a C-Clip.  I understand there is an older part no which does not come with the C-Clip.  But both will fit as well.

It comes with everything u see in the picture, the ball joint, C-Clip, castle nut and the cotter pin.

To replace the dust boot, you have to remove the metal ring holding the boot in place

The boot is kind of soft and feels like its going to tear within one month of usage.

The Energy Suspension Boot on the right is much stiffer

This is how it looks like without the boot

Just slot the Energy Suspension Dust boot over and put it all the way down the shaft.

There is no requirement to install the ring over. Due to the stiffness of the Energy Suspension boot, it is very likely to stay in place.  Hopefully this will lengthen the life of the ball joint.

Piece of advice. Have this done along with your wheel bearing and upper ball joint replacement. Or even wheel studs.


  1. Whats holding the dust boot in place?

  2. Nothing, it is held in place purely by its stiffness.