22 December 2011

Seats Re-wrapped

 This seat came from a 96 prelude. The reason I am using these is because it really comfortable and the lack of the shoulder area makes the interior looks more spacious.  Best of all, they are free!! Given to me by my mechanic.

The 'shifu' Ah How who did the re-wrapped for me. Instead of going back to leather, I have chosen fabric similar to what was used on the SPARCO seats.  So that I will not slide around as much during hard corners ;)

For the locals, the shop is located in Johor Jaya.  Ah How used to work in Singapore, going around to Car Dealer like Borneo Motors, Tan Chong, Motor Image, etc to provide seats wrapping services.

With the re-wrapped seats, the interior now look less outdated :)

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  1. nice! Hi, can you pls give the address in Johor Jaya?