10 December 2011

Hondata Tuning Setup (More entertaining than ICE!)

Poor man in-car entertainment system :)

It is actually my setup for road tune for the Hondata S300.  I got the idea or rather copy the idea when I came across a article in Option magazine where a Japanese tuning system came with a gamepad for tuning.  Essentially, what I got was a Logitec Gamepad for Windows which allows ALL the buttons and joystick to be programmed.  One button to increase fuel, one button to decrease fuel, one button to upload, one joystick to switch map, one joystick to switch views, etc.  This allows one hand operations when I am doing my road tune.

 To have a stable connection to the S300 and for longer road tunes, I got a DC/AC convertor.  (The connection to the S300 tends to break off when running the netbook on batteries only)

For attaching the netbook to the windscreen, I used a window mount kit for netbook. As it does not hold the netbook very well, so I used a 1 foot "bicycle/elastic hook" to secure the netbook to the mount.

This the exact one that I got from DealsExtreme. :)

One problem though, due to the small 10.1" screen of the netbook, you need good eyesight to be able to the see the table.  However, during tuning u dont really need to see the numbers in the table since all u need to know is which RPM and MAP is the engine running at, which will be highlight in the table.

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